Stefanie Taub


Stefanie Taub is National Director, Music at SAG-AFTRA, the world’s largest entertainment and media artists union, representing actors, recording artists, singers, dancers, and news and entertainment broadcasters, among other media professionals. Taub originally joined AFTRA’s staff in 1994, and currently leads SAG-AFTRA’s representation of its recording artist, singer, and dancer members who work on records, music videos, television programs, theatrical films, commercials and video games.

She is co-lead negotiator of the SAG-AFTRA Sound Recordings and Music Video contracts, governing the wages and working conditions of recording artists, singers and dancers working for the major record labels in the United States. She also serves on the boards of the AFM and SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund, the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies, and as Chair of the SAG-AFTRA and Industry Sound Recordings Distribution Fund. Taub received her Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley and her Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School, where she served as an editor of the Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review.

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Stefanie Taub will be Attending Festival 2018!
Producing in Florida and Beyond Moderated by Kevin Sharpley
Saturday March 17th @ 1:00pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER MIAMI (THEATER 2)