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THE RIVER (El río)

World Premiere

DIRECTED BY Juan Pablo Richter

Country: Bolivia, Ecuador
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: El río

Running Time: 92min
Film Year: 2018
Category: HBO Ibero American Competition

Flowing with intrigue, beauty and brutality, Bolivian writer-director Juan Pablo Richter’s feature debut transports us to a seemingly placid rural locale where a teenage boy gets pulled into dangerous waters.

Sebastián leaves a fraught situation in the city to live with his long-estranged father Raphael, who resides on a ranch adjacent to a jungle-lined river. Sebastián is a scrapper, and Raphael seeks to channel those unruly energies through activities like hunting. But as life in this pastoral setting begins to reveal its true nature, Sebastían finds himself struggling against a current of corruption, humiliation and violence in which women are currency.

Eschewing stylistic pyrotechnics in favor of eerily mounting tensions, Richter proves himself a keen observer of toxic masculine codes and the bracing velocity with which innocence can suddenly be washed away.

This film is also featured in the 2018 Film Festival’s Jordan Ressler Screenwriting Competition film category.


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Director: Juan Pablo Richter
Producer: Paola Gosalvez
Screenwriter: Juan Pablo Richter
Production Company: Pucara Films

Cinematographer: Nicolás Pinzón
Editor: Camila Mercadel, Eliane D. Katz

Cast: Santiago Rozo, Valentina Villalpando, Fernando Arze, Julia Hernández

Juan Pablo Richter

Juan Pablo Richter is a Bolivian director, screenwriter and producer. He has directed the short films “¿De que color es el cielo?” (10) and “El ultimo paso” (12).The River (18) is his feature directorial debut.