The Oldies (Los Viejos)

International Premiere

DIRECTED BY Rosana Matecki

Country: Cuba, USA, Venezuela
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: Los viejos

Running Time: 93min
Film Year: 2018
Category: Knight Documentary Achievement Award

What is old age? What are all these years? These questions, posed by a charismatic elderly vocalist named Zaida, permeate Rosana Matecki’s poetic, compassionate and wise new documentary.

The Oldies follows Santa Clara, Cuba residents Zaida, Bringuez and Cándido as they struggle to stay passionately engaged in life and art at an age when simple tasks can be challenging. The film brims with warmth and intimacy: Zaida singing while cooking, Bringuez playing “Summertime” on the saxophone, Cándido examining his collection of antique photographs.

Zaida explains that she has been performing for 58 years, yet every time feels like the first time, “because to truly sing you have to surrender yourself.” Surrender to The Oldies and you will discover what it means to greet every day, every year, every passage of life, with curiosity and grace.


Friday March 16th @ 6:30pm MDC’S TOWER THEATER MIAMI (THEATER 1) Add to Schedule


Director: Rosana Matecki
Producer: Giorgia Lo Savio, Rosana Matecki
Screenwriter: Rosana Matecki
Executive Producer: Giorgia Lo Savio, Rosana Matecki, Alessandra Lo Savio

Cinematographer: Nicolas Villegas
Editor: David De Luca, Lucas Villegas

Subjects: Pedro Alejo, Juan José Bringuez, Zaidita Castiñeyra, José Cándido Remié

Rosana Matecki

Rosana Matecki is a Venezuelan-Canadian-Polish filmmaker. She studied communications in Caracas. Her films include Mujeres ancestrales (07), Story of a Day (09) and The Awakening of the Soul (13). The Oldies (18) is her latest film.