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(La música de las esferas)

World Premiere

DIRECTED BY Marcel Beltrán

Country: Cuba, USA
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: La música de las esferas

Running Time: 82min
Film Year: 2018
Category: Knight Documentary Achievement Award

Cuban artist and filmmaker Marcel Beltrán’s eloquent nonfiction feature pays homage to his parents’ enduring love while pondering his country’s turbulent history.

Beltrán’s father Mauricio and mother Regina met in the 1980s. Equally committed to socialist ideals, they started a life together, even though Regina’s father rejected Mauricio on account of his race. Beltrán draws out what was sacrificed as his parents forged into the austerity of the 1990s, simultaneously confronting the fraught politics of family and nation both.

Visiting old friends and old haunts, The Music of the Spheres functions as a travelogue of the past, one steeped in the hues and sounds of memory: the patter of rain; love-letters; painterly images; moments of silence, as though what matters is not what can be uttered but, rather, those things that can only be felt.

The MUSIC OF THE SPHERES (La música de las esferas) screens with THE FISHERMAN.


Sunday March 11th @ 6:00pm REGAL 18 Add to Schedule


Director: Marcel Beltrán
Producer: María Carla del Rio
Screenwriter: Marcel Beltrán
Executive Producer: María Carla del Rio
Production Company: Mediocielo, Marinca Filmes

Music: José Manuel Ordás
Cinematographer: Javier Pérez Ávila
Editor: Emmanuel Peña

Subjects: Regina Fernández, Mauricio Beltrán, Fidel Zarzabal, Leonardo

Marcel Beltrán

Marcel Beltrán was born in Holguín, Cuba. His film “Cisne cuello negro, cuello blanco” (13) screened at MoMa. His film “La nube” (14) was featured as in the Festival’s Cuban Independent Emerging Film/Video Artist program. The Music of the Spheres (18) is his first feature-length film.