1508 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

1508 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

SERGIO AND SERGEI (Sergio y Sergei)

US Premiere

DIRECTED BY Ernesto Daranas

Country: Cuba, Spain
Language: English, Russian, Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: Sergio y Sergei

Running Time: 93min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Knight Competition

In 1992 the Soviet Union collapsed. Among those left in limbo are Havana university professor Sergio and Soviet cosmonaut Sergei. Sergio was already struggling to provide for his family when the end of the USSR—Cuba’s main financial supporter—left he and his countrymen in newly dire straits. Sergei, meanwhile, is abandoned in space when the funding to bring him back evaporates. When Sergio, who’s also a ham radio enthusiast, chances upon a channel in direct contact with the MIR space station, he and Sergei become friends—and draw the interest of the authorities.

Ernesto Daranas Serrano (Conducta) returns to Miami with this clever, crowd-pleasing comedy about connections between individuals marginalized by history and politics, one of them stuck on an island, the other stuck in orbit: on Earth as it is the heavens.

This film is also featured in the 2018 Film Festival’s HBO Ibero American Competition film category.

SERGIO AND SERGEI (Sergio y Sergei) screens with THE TESLA WORLD LIGHT.


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Director: Ernesto Daranas
Producer: Jaume Roures, Joel Ortega, Ramón Samada
Screenwriter: Ernesto Daranas, Marta Daranas
Executive Producer: Javier Méndez, Ron Perlman, Gabriel Beristaín, Danilo León
Production Company: Mediapro, Virgilio, 2 Ciudad de la Image

Music: Micka Luna
Cinematographer: Alejandro Menéndez
Editor: Jorge Miguel Quevedo

Cast: Tomás Cao, Hector Noa, Ron Perlman, Mario Guerra

Ernesto Daranas

Ernesto Daranas Serrano is a Cuban filmmaker. His directorial credits include ¿La vida en rosa? (04), Fallen Gods (08) and Conducta (14), which screened at the Festival. Sergio and Sergei (17) is his latest film.