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International Premiere

DIRECTED BY Julio César Torres, Ricardo Olivero Lora

Country: Puerto Rico
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 108min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Knight Documentary Achievement Award

A celebration of cultural confluences on and off the court, Nuyorican Básquet chronicles the dramatic story of the Puerto Rican national basketball team’s participation in the 1979 Pan American Games.

Boasting a totally unique approach to the game, the Puerto Rican team had the curious distinction of being composed largely of players born in New York City, which generated questions about the nature of diasporic identity. Regardless of their birthplace, these ferociously talented nuyoricans became a source of fascination and pride for Puerto Rico during a time of high political tensions.

Shifting energetically between new interviews with athletes and experts and fantastic archival materials showing off the team’s dazzling technique and teamwork, Nuyorican Básquet is a thrilling, colorful testament to the ability of sports to dissolve boundaries and a loving homage to that magical Puerto Rico-NYC alchemy.

The screening will be introduced by native Puerto Rican, former Olympian and Telemundo sports commentator Edgar López.


Saturday March 10th @ 3:45pm REGAL 18 Add to Schedule


Director: Julio César Torres, Ricardo Olivero Lora
Producer: Freddie Marrero Alfonso
Screenwriter: Julio César Torres, Ricardo Olivero Lora
Executive Producer: Freddie Marrero Alfonso
Production Company: Filmes Filigrana

Music: Furito Ríos
Cinematographer: Santiago Benet
Editor: Eduardo Mariota

Subjects: Raymond Dalmau, Flor Meléndez, Georgie Torres, Charlie Bermúdez, Julio Toro, Tuto Marchand, Elliot Castro, Quijote Morales, Raquel Z. Rivera, Ana Zentella

Julio César Torres, Ricardo Olivero Lora

Ricardo Olivero Lora is a Puerto Rican writer, journalist and filmmaker. He studied radio, film and television production at Puerto Rico’s Sacred Heart University. Nuyorican Básquet (17) is his first feature film.

Julio César Torres is a Puerto Rican filmmaker. He graduated from the School of Public Communication at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. His directorial credits include the feature documentaries El grito en los puños (17) and Nuyorican Básquet (17).