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(El Futbol o Yo)

US Premiere

DIRECTED BY Marcos Carnevale

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: El Futbol o Yo

Running Time: 100min
Film Year: 2017
Category: CineDwnTwn Galas

There are fans and there are fanatics—Pedro Pintos (multi-hyphenate Argentine star Adrián Suar) is, to put it mildly, in the latter category. Pedro devours everything fútbol: any team or league, any time. Which is maybe manageable for a young bachelor, but Pedro is a middle-aged husband and father, and his all-consuming passion has finally taken his job and torn apart his family. Pedro is an addict, so he does what addicts do: he joins Alcoholics Anonymous. He just neglects to mention that it’s soccer, not booze, that’s brought him there.

This clever comedy with a serious undercurrent comes from the prolific Marcos Carnevale, last at the Festival with Inseparables. Co-starring the wonderful Julieta Díaz, My Love or My Passion chronicles a war between personal goals and field goals, fleeting thrills and lasting comforts.

This film is also featured in the 2018 Film Festival’s Knight Competition film category.


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Director: Marcos Carnevale
Producer: Adrían Suar, Juan Vera, Juan Pablo Galli, Christian Faillace, José Levy, Marcos Carnevale
Screenwriter: Adrian Suar and Marcos Carnevale
Executive Producer: Juan Lovece
Production Company: Patagonik

Music: Iván Wyszogrod
Cinematographer: Rodrigo Pulpeiro
Editor: Luis Barros

Cast: Adrían Suar, Julieta Diaz, Federico D'Elía, Peto Menahem, Dalia Gutmann, Rafael Spregelburd, Alfredo Casero

Marcos Carnevale

Marcos Carnevale was born in Inriville, Córdoba, Argentina. His directorial credits include Night Serenaders (97), Elsa & Fred (05), Anita (09), Corazón de león (13) and Inseparables (16), which screened at the Festival. My Love or My Passion(17) is his latest film.

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