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LILA’s BOOK (El libro de Lila)

Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Marcela Rincón

Country: Colombia, Uruguay
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: El libro de Lila

Running Time: 76min
Film Year: 2017
Category: MIFFecito

The border that divides storybooks from everyday life dissolves in Colombian writer-director Marcela Rincón González’s marvelous animated adventure about a very special girl trying to find her way home.

Lila is a character from a children’s book who accidentally winds up caught in the world of her readers. The only person who can help Lila return to her rightful place is Ramón, the book’s owner, but he’s grown up now, has stopped reading and, most problematic of all, has lost his sense of wonder. Lila and her new pal Manuela are determined to convince Ramón of Lila’s plight, but in order to retrieve Lila’s book they must traverse the treacherous Desert of Lost Memories.

Lila’s Book is a tale of faith, memory and mystery, moving between worlds to discover the beauty of friendship and the comforts of coming home.


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Director: Marcela Rincón
Producer: Maritza Rincón
Screenwriter: Marcela Rincón
Executive Producer: Maritza Rincón, Marcela Rincón, Jhonny Hendrix, Alfredo Soderguit
Production Company: Fosfenos Media

Music: Juan Andrés Otálora
Cinematographer: Manuel Alejandro Victoria, Director de Composición
Editor: Marcela Rincón, Mauricio Vergara

Cast: María Sofía Montoya Solera, Estefanía Beatriz Duque Giraldo, Antoine Philippart Marín, Leonor González Mina, Jorge Enrique Herrera Perdomo

Marcela Rincón

Marcela Rincón González is a filmmaker from Cali, Colombia. She studied communications and journalism at La Universidad de Antioquía and screenwriting at La Universidad del Valle. Lila’s Book (17) is her feature debut.