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KILLING JESUS (Matar a Jesus)

East Coast Premiere


Country: Argentina, Colombia
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: Matar a Jesus

Running Time: 98min
Film Year: 2018
Category: HBO Ibero American Competition

This spookily confident, semi-autobiographical feature debut of Colombian director and co-scenarist Laura Mora is a tense, absorbing drama that probes the troubled nature of grief, the ethics of revenge and the limits of empathy.

Set in Mora’s hometown of Medellín, the story is thrust into motion on a wave of pure trauma: 22-year-old Paula witnesses her father being shot to death in front of their home. Paula initially tries to stifle her sorrow with distractions, but an unexpected encounter with her father’s killer sets Paula on a course of retribution—one she may not be able to abscond from.

Killing Jesus complicates simplistic distinctions between victim and perpetrator, calling into question the way we process crime and punishment in a society teeming with corruption.


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Director: Laura Mora
Producer: Diego Ramírez, Alex Zito, Ignacio Rey, Maja Zimmermann
Screenwriter: Laura Mora, Alonso Torres
Executive Producer: Nancy Fernández, Pola Zito, Javier del Pino
Production Company: 64 A Films

Music: Sebastián Escofet
Cinematographer: James L. Brown
Editor: Leandro Aste

Cast: Natasha Jaramillo, Giovanny Rodríguez, Carmenza Cossío, Camilo Escobar

Laura Mora

Laura Mora is a Colombian filmmaker. Her directorial credits include the short films “Brotherhood” (06) and “Salomé” (12) and the television series Pablo Escobar: El patron del mal (12). Killing Jesus (17) is her feature debut.