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North American Premiere

DIRECTED BY David Pareja

Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: Array

Running Time: 78min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Reel Music

This beautifully bewitching musical odyssey takes us from Madrid to various locales all over the Americas in search of the sundry sources of that divine tradition we call salsa.

Director David Pareja follows Spanish flamenco singer Diego “El Cigala” as he embarks on a journey prompted by his late wife and manager, who had long dreamed of their making a salsa record. With stops in Cali, Havana, Punta Cana, San Juan, Miami and New York, Indestructible doesn’t miss a beat, enlisting the likes of Omara Portuondo, Larry Harlow and the Fania All-Stars as our guides. Their stories are endlessly fascinating, but the backbone of this documentary voyage is the music itself, played in studios, on stages and in streets by El Cigala and some of the world’s finest practitioners.

INDESTRUCTIBLE: THE SOUL OF SALSA Film Screening + Koubek Center’s Little Havana Social Club Series Official AfterParty/Concert

After the film cross Calle Ocho to the Cuba Ocho Arts Center to listen to live flamenco fusion as Koubek Center takes their Little Havana Social Club series to Calle Cocho!  For a package price of $25 that includes both Indestructible and a concert by La Banda Morisca, direct from Jerez de la Frontera – traditional flamenco meets Arab melodies and Andalusian rock.  Acclaimed for their intoxicating blend of traditional and modern sounds, La Banda Morisca evokes the cultural heritage of ancient Al-Andalus and its lasting impact across Andalusia, the Maghreb, and the Near East. They incorporate influences from both sides of the Mediterranean— including Andalusian moaxajas and North African chaabi— with flamenco and rock on a range of instruments that includes oud (lute), guitarra Morisca (Moorish guitar), tarota (oboe), banjo, bass, percussion, saxophones and drums.


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Sunday March 18th @ 6:00pm CubaOcho Art Center Add to Schedule


Director: David Pareja
Producer: Jesús Puente, Pachi Espinosa, Salvador Cayuela, Pablo de la Chica, Guillermo Logar
Screenwriter: David Pareja
Executive Producer: Jesús Puente, Pachi Espinosa, Salvador Cayuela, Pablo de la Chica, Guillermo Logar
Production Company: Live in Salsa SL

Cinematographer: Alberto Pareja
Editor: Aldo Alvarez

Subjects: Diego el Cigala, Jaime Calabuch, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Omara Portuondo, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Bobby Valentin, Jorge Santana, Óscar de León

David Pareja

David Pareja studied film at Cuba’s Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de los Baños, audiovisual communications at the Universidad de Sevilla. He has worked as a journalist, manager, programmer and educator. Indestructible: The Soul of Salsa (17) is his first feature film.