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I TITA, A LIFE OF TANGO (Yo Soy así, Tita de Buenos Aires)

North American Premiere

DIRECTED BY Teresa Costantini

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: Array

Running Time: 112min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Reel Music

An alluring melodrama inspired by the life of actress, singer and dancer Tita Merello, I Tita, a Life of Tango takes this fascinating figure from the golden age of Argentine cinema and gives her the sweeping treatment she deserves.

Born Laura Ana Merello, our resourceful, charismatic heroine goes from a childhood of destitution and tragedy to find ardent lovers, opulence and renown in Buenos Aires’ cabarets and concert halls and, eventually, the cinema, where she would enjoy a long and diverse career, leaving her indelible mark on such films as Morir en su ley, Los isleros and The Bastard.

Assembling a seductive audiovisual ambiance from the clothes, architecture and music of old Buenos Aires, writer-director María Teresa Costantini and her meticulous collaborators bring Tita’s wild life and times to vivid life.


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Director: Teresa Costantini
Producer: Emilio Muñiz Barreto, Teresa Costantini
Screenwriter: Teresa Costantini
Executive Producer: Margarita Gomez
Production Company: Buenos Aires Producciones

Music: Osvaldo Montes
Cinematographer: Hugo Colace
Editor: Laura Bua

Cast: Mercedes Funes, Damián De Santo, Esther Goris, Soledad Fandiño, Mario Pasik, Andrea Pietra, Ludovico De Santo

Teresa Costantini

María Teresa Costantini is a director, screenwriter and actress from Buenos Aires. Her films include Acrobacias del corazón (00), Sin intervalo (02), Felicitas (09) and El amor y la ciudad (06).I Tita, a Life of Tango (17) is her latest film.