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(Altas Expectativas)

US Premiere

DIRECTED BY Alvaro Campos, Pedro Antonio

Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English
Original Title: Altas Expectativas

Running Time: 90min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Zeno Mountain Award

Lots of us come up short when assessing our allure to someone we desire; in Décio’s case, the source of his low self-esteem is quite literally a matter of stature.

Décio is a little person in love with Lina, a normal-sized woman. He’s a successful horse trainer at the Rio de Janeiro jockey club; she operates a debt-ridden coffee shop. He’s plagued by shyness, while she’s so steeped in worries that she never smiles. Décio is so determined to draw that smile out of Lina that he’ll do anything—including venturing into stand-up comedy.

Written and co-directed by Pedro Antônio Paes and Alvaro Campos, High Expectations is a sweet modern romantic comedy about rising above our sense of personal deficiencies and walking tall, no matter our height.


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Director: Alvaro Campos, Pedro Antonio
Producer: Alvaro Campos, Pedro Antonio, José Alvarenga Jr., Manfredo Barreto, Janaína Avila, Guilherme Machado

Cast: Leonardo Reis, Camila Márdila, Milhem Cortaz, Felipe Abib, Maria Eduarda de Carvalho

Alvaro Campos, Pedro Antonio

Pedro Antônio Paes is a Brazilian filmmaker. His television credits include Os Gozadores (10), Prêmio multishow de humor (12) and Fred and Lucy (14-15). He has directed the features Tô Ryca!(16), Um Tio Quase Perfeito (17) and High Expectations (17).

Alvaro Campos is a Brazilian filmmaker. He has written extensively for television. His directorial credits include the documentary Leo & Carol (15) and the fiction feature High Expectations (17).