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International Premiere

DIRECTED BY Celia Catunda, Kiko Mistrorigo, Rodrigo Eba

Country: Brazil
Language: English
Original Title: Peixonauta o filme

Running Time: 80min
Film Year: 2018
Category: MIFFecito

Based on the hit Brazlian television series, this animated 3D feature offers wave after wave of fun and adventure for the whole family while imparting a deeply important message about environmental responsibility.

Fishtronaut dons his reverse scuba gear to venture out of his underwater comfort zone and into the oxygenated world, where he joins his friends Marina and Zeek the Monkey to travel to the big city and investigate the disappearance of Doctor Green, Mac and Billy. The city, however, appears inexplicably abandoned and this loveable trio’s mission turns out to be far more mysterious than they anticipated.

With its colorful imagery and lively music, Fishtronaut is as diverting as it is instructive, helping viewers to understand the importance of making choices that will help keep our world beautiful and inhabitable for generations to come.


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Director: Celia Catunda, Kiko Mistrorigo, Rodrigo Eba
Producer: Ricardo Rozzino
Screenwriter: Marcela Catunda, Marcus Aurelius Pimenta
Executive Producer: Ricardo Rozzino
Production Company: TV Pinguim

Music: Zeziho Mutarelli, Paulo Tatit
Editor:  Pedro Lima

Cast: Fábio Lucindo, Antônio Celso, Fernanda Bullara

Celia Catunda, Kiko Mistrorigo, Rodrigo Eba

Celia Catunda is co-founder of TV PinGuim. She created and directed the preschool series Earth to Luna! (14). Her feature directorial credits include Peixonauta: Agente Secreto Da O.s.t.r.a.(12) and Fishtronaut (18).

Kiko Mistrorigo is co-founder of TV PinGuim. His directorial credits include the series Earth to Luna! (14) and the features Peixonauta: Agente Secreto Da O.s.t.r.a. (12) and Fishtronaut (18).

Rodrigo Eba has been an animator since 2003 and has worked with TV PinGuim since 2006. His directorial credits include the short films “Graffiti Dança” (13) and “O Fim É O Começo” (15). Fishronaut (18) is his feature debut.

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