1508 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135


Country: USA

Running Time: 98min

Category: Cinema 360º

CinemaSlam is Miami Film Festival’s film school competition, aiming to discover, showcase, and celebrate the work of undergraduate and graduate students in Miami/South Florida film schools.


ZINDAGI by Vasisth Sukul | University of Miami | 10min

Suka is distraught ever since his wife died. He is about to kill himself when he notices someone sitting on his roof. He encounters Zindagi, a spirited woman, full of life. She makes him question his life choices and offers him a glimpse of life might be like should he choose to live.

P.R.A. NATION by Jorge Martinez | University of Miami | 16min

A young man seeks revenge upon the government after finding out the state was involved in the kidnap and murder of his family.

MASTERS OF WAR by Arminio Stephano Rivero | Miami Dade College | 5min

The Country is on the verge of Great War when a nameless, faceless Politician is sent to give a speech on the fate of the nation. On his way, he meets a dark, mysterious man with a briefcase who bribes him. When it’s finally time to deliver the Speech, the Politician is haunted by visions of the man he took the bribe from, and the responsibilities of his actions.

CHERRY by Chantal Gabriel | University of Miami | 13min

When Sophie learns that she can no longer be homeschooled, she must decide whether or not to keep her imaginary friend, Cherry, or to befriend Lizzie, who will be attending the same school as her. 

OPPOSITE SEX by Lidia Rosa Hernandez | Center of Cinematography, Arts, and Television | 13min

Tells the story of a marriage that faces the unknown when someone from the past returns to fulfill a wish that had been denied.

VIVIR by Fernando Dumas| Miami Dade College | 7min

Tommy must commit a crime to belong to his brother’s gang, but not everything goes according to plan.


TO THE TOP AND BEYOND: THE ANTREL ROLLE STORY by Chris Fodde | Miami Dade College | 17min

To The Top and Beyond is a documentary that chronicles the life of former NFL pro Antrel Rolle and his efforts to improve his hometown of Homestead, FL.

RENE DE DIOS AND THE SOUTH BEACH SHARK CLUB  by Robert Ramos | Miami Dade College | 17min

A nostalgic recollection of Miami Beach in the late 60’s to modern times through the eyes of local shark fishermen. The eccentric group, originally known as the South Beach Shark Club, adapt and keep their legacy alive by teaching the next generation the same art form that accompanied them into manhood.


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