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Florida Premiere


Country: Canada
Language: English

Running Time: 91min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Jordan Ressler Screenwriting Competition

Actor-director Cory Bowles (Trailer Park Boys) takes on police brutality and racial profiling with a stark satirical edge in his debut feature, Black Cop. Timely, to be sure, but Bowles also brings a new slant to these realities by framing the film through the eyes of a police officer known only as Black Cop (emerging talent Ronnie Rowe Jr. excels in this complex role).

Held by some as a race traitor for joining the police while still facing racism in his daily life, Black Cop finally has enough of the violence he’s forced to endure because of the color of his skin. Bowles satirical genius lies in Black Cop’s next move: he begins to police the white people of his town the way the Black residents are.

Combining a mix of real and staged protest footage, direct address monologues and verité style encounters with the police, Black Cop confronts injustice head on—and asks its audience to do the same.


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Director: Cory Bowles
Producer: Aaron Horton
Screenwriter: Cory Bowles
Executive Producer: Terry Greenlaw
Production Company: Blac Op Films

Music: Dillon Baldassero
Cinematographer: Jeff Wheaton
Editor: Jeremy Harty

Cast: Ronnie Rowe, Sophia Walker, Christian Murray, Koumbie

Cory Bowles

Cory Bowles is a Canadian actor, director and choreographer best known for his role in the hit series Trailer Park Boys (01–17). He has directed short films such as “Heart of Rhyme” (11) and “Anatomy of Assistance” (13). Black Cop (17) is his feature debut.