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Country: USA
Language: English

Running Time: 110min
Film Year: 2018
Category: Knight Documentary Achievement Award

Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of the band Imagine Dragons, had a major hit with the song “Believer.” This intimate documentary follows him as his own beliefs are tested and he takes a public stand for LGBTQ rights in the face of opposition from the Mormon Church in which he was raised.

As a straight man, Reynolds scarcely had to confront bias against the LGBTQ community. But when we married singer Aja Volkman, who wasn’t raised Mormon, his mind was opened. Her close friends, a lesbian couple, voiced their dismay over Mormons campaigning against the legalization of gay marriage. We watch Reynolds give himself an education and reach out to the gay Mormon singer Tyler Glenn of the band Neon Trees (known for the hit “Everybody Talks”). Reynolds and Glenn join forces to stage the LoveLoud music festival in Utah.

Reynolds is a compelling figure, far more self-questioning than most people, let alone rock stars. His quest in Believer is a model for people trying to bridge differences across divides of religion, sexual orientation, gender and more.


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Director: Don Argott
Producer: Sheena M. Joyce, Heather Parry, Robert Reynolds
Executive Producer: Don Argott, Willie Mercer, Adam Milano, Michael Rapino, Dan Reynolds, Robert Reynolds

Music: Hans Zimmer
Cinematographer: Anton Floquet
Editor: Demian Fenton

Subjects: Dan Reynolds, Aja Volkman, Ben McKee, Daniel Platzman, Wayne Sermon, Tyler Glenn

Don Argott

Don Argott is the director of Rock School, Two Days in April, The Art of the Steal, Last Days Here, The Atomic States of America, As the Palaces Burn, Slow Learners, and Batman & Bill. He runs the Philadelphia based company 9.14 Pictures with his wife and filmmaking partner Sheena M. Joyce.

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