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East Coast Premiere

DIRECTED BY Jeffrey Walker

Country: Australia
Language: English

Running Time: 110min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Cinema 360º

Based on scenarist and star Osamah Sami’s memoir Good Muslim Boy, this delightful rom-com from Down Under is at once heartwarming and hilarious, rousing and irreverent.

The film follows the misadventures of Ali (Sami), the son of a beloved local cleric, as he tells one whopper of a lie, tries to wriggle free from an arranged marriage, falls in love, stars in a theatrical comedy about Saddam Hussein, pretends he’s going to medical school, stains his family’s name and, in a memorable moment of amorous desperation, teaches himself to operate a tractor. Set within Melbourne’s Muslim community, Ali’s Wedding is a relentlessly diverting exploration of what can happen when the imperative to uphold tradition clashes with the dictates of the heart.


Sunday March 11th @ 9:30pm O CINEMA MIAMI BEACH Add to Schedule


Director: Jeffrey Walker
Producer: Sheila Jayadev, Helen Panckhurst
Screenwriter: Andrew Knight, Osamah Sami
Executive Producer: Tony Ayres, Michael McMahon, Ian Kirk, Greg Sitch, Nina Stevenson
Production Company: Matchbox Pictures

Music: Nigel Westlake
Cinematographer: Don McAlpine
Editor: Geoffrey Lamb

Cast: Ryan Corr, Don Hany, Osamah Sami, Helana Sawires

Jeffrey Walker

Jeffrey Walker is an Australian actor and director. His roles on TV’s Round the Twist (92) and Ocean Girl (94-97) brought him fame while still a child. He has directed for television since 2003. His feature directorial credits are Dance Academy: The Movie (17) and Ali’s Wedding (17).