174 E. Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33131



03/11/2018 6:00pm

Carlos Saura is Spain’s greatest living director—and the filmmaker who has had more films in Miami Film Festival’s selection than any other. Saura’s films carved out a space for cinematic dissidence under Franco and would come to explore Spanish history and culture in vivacious and innovative ways, yet the master, now in his 80s, is not inclined to wax nostalgic. Instead, he’s preparing another major new film.

Filmmaker Félix Viscarret lands upon an ingenious tack to celebrate Saura and his vast legacy while he is still with us: hoping to stir up memories, Viscarret projects scenes from Saura’s films, such as The HuntCria Cuervosand Carmen, and then facilitates conversations between Saura and his seven children. The result is a disarmingly intimate exchange about art, life and, above all, love: as the grand master reveals what he considers his real source of pride, you may be surprised—and moved.

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No Longer Available